ShoeDazzle !

ShoeDazzle !

Saturday, December 3, 2011



My goal for 2012 is to reach APL (armpit length). 
I was once at APL before I cut my hair to SL (shoulder length) and began my hair journey.

I began my hair journey on OCT 4th, 2011 and at the end of DEC. I want to have everything down pack.
What I mean is that I've been taking these few months to learn about my hair and do researches on products 
 that best suit my hair needs. I want to have my regimen in order(basic products) and start 
fresh in 2012.
I really hope to meet APL and more at then end of 2012 and of course i'll 
keep you guys posted.
Wish me luck!!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outfit Of The Night (OOTN)

Who wore it the best

I love the white n black stripe colors b/c it complements my skin tone very well
and people loved it too...
Leggings with knee high boots are a plus for me and the jewelry are from forever 21. (love it)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Know You Love Him

  • U know you love him when you feel it inside your heart.
  • U know you love him b/c all you could think about is him.
  • U know you love him b/c every time after an argument, your right back in his arm making love.
  • U know you love him when you give him the last bite of your food.
  • U know you love him when you'll change for him and to better the relationship.
  • U know you love him when he gets on you last nerves and then you forgive him.
  • U know you love him b/c your always honest with him.
  • U know you love him when you feel safe around him.
  • U know you love him so much b/c you don't want to loose him. 
  • U know you love him when you feel like your on cloud 9 when you kiss him.
  • U know you love him if your willing to give him the kids he want.
  • U know you love him when you'll rather hang out with him instead of your friends. 
  • U know you love him if you trust him with you secrets. 
  • U know you love him if he ask you to marry him and you say (YES) !
  • U know you love him when you have a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • U know you love him when you wont do anything to break his heart.
  • U know you love him when you miss him after seeing him 5 minutes ago. 
  • U know you love him when you can't live without him.
  • U know you love him when you give him a second chance.
  • U know you love him when you wonder what he's thinking about.
  • U know you love him if you write your name with his last name, wondering if it sounds right.
  • U know you love him when he's always in your dreams.
  • U know you love him if you get jealous when he talks to other girls. 
  • U know you love him when you'll do anything for him. 
  • U know you love him when you want to spend the holidays with him.
  • U know you love him when your not afraid to cry in-front of him.
  • U know you love him b/c you just know !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Protective Hairstyles

I told myself I would never wear wigs because of how some women wore their's, but one day I decided to try on a wig and see if I can make it look better for a change, and I must say I was successful. It also saves me a lot of money, like about $100 which is good for me. Watching females on youtube making their wigs helped me a lot and I give thanks to them all. When my hair gets to bra strap length I think I might cut it down on wearing wigs.

                                                            I hope you all enjoyed the video
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Friday, November 4, 2011

1 Month Into H. Journey

                           Its been a month since I started my hair journey and my hair looks n feels better than it has   ever been.  I love the difference in only a months time and I can't wait to see how it'll look in the future. ( I LOVE    ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR PRODUCTS ) !!!!
                            LOOK HOW GOOD MY HAIR IS LOOKING....LOVE IT !!!
                                 THE SIDES OF MY HAIR IS COMING ALONG GOOD.
                                                       AND IT'S SOFTER THAN EVER!!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heels To Die For

                                         SITES FOR SOME OF THESE SHOES!!!!!!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

2 Weeks Post (my wash)

I just washed my hair 2 weeks after my relax and before I wash it I did an over night leave in conditioner (Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner) b/c I don't want to waste it and after it's finish i'll move on to ORS leave in conditioner. After I rinsed out the conditioner the next morning, I washed my hair with the shampoo and ooommmggg I must say I was amazed. My hair felt so soft & loose and you guys know when you wash your hair with shampoo it shrinks and can get tangled. Mine didn't and I was able to run my fingers threw my hair like I  had already put conditioner.

After I applied olive & clove oil and sat under the hair dyer for 10-15 min.

Then I rinse my hair black b/c I love all black hair and I think it complements my skin. So I used (BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION semi-permanent color ) BLACK!!! and sat under the dyer again for 10-15 min. 

This is the results after my wash and I must say my hair is looking thick and nice !!! 

I will also be moisturizing my scalp every 2-3 days with ORS coconut oil. I like using this b/c my hair don't get dry as fast as it used too that's why I moisturize my hair every 2-3 days. I will try some more products but for now ill be using this and its almost FINISH. I will update you another time on what product i chose. 

TO find ORS products go too------->

Since I've been using this wide tooth comb, I experienced less shading on my hair after combing it. After washing my hair, I will comb it out and there will be excessive hair on the comb. Now that i'm using this comb less hair get pulled and this will also lead to my hair growth!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Before I start my hair journey!!
My hair was long but very thin as u can see.

This is the result after my 1st perm using olive oil
relaxer and I loveeeee it b/c my hair feels very soft. I hope to reach my goal in getting my hair longer & thicker. This is a 1 week post since I relax my hair and its not as thin as the 1st pictures which is a good sign! As I continue my hair journey i will do a blog of my hair every 12 weeks, after a perm. I will show the before and after picture results of my perm's, when i rinse my hair black & when I deep conditioner my hair. Woaaah I'm so excited to see results in this hair journey.

Shout outs to all the females, there hair journeys and GOOD LUCK!!

  Deuces !!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Starting my hair journey OCT 4th, 2011

   I decided that i want to start my own hair journey with relaxed hair. I have good medium length hair now, but its thin, gets dry and has a lot of breakage. I noticed that when I do protective styles by wearing weave or wigs my hair gets longer and looks better. And as soon as summer comes around I wear my hair out, to keep it straight everyday I'll use a flat iron and that led to massive hair lost and thinning. Of course I got mad but it was my fault, I wasn't taking care of my hair. As a black woman my hair does grow, I just have to take care of it to maintain the growth. So for the last two months I've been on just about everyday to search on how to take care of my hair and i succeed at finding several ways. The best of it all is ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR. I'm in the hair salon right now under the dryer and 2day is my first day using OLIVE OIL RELAXER and from here on I will do my perms, co-wash, etc myself.

Stay tune for more to come on my hair journey [ OCT. 4Th, 2011 - FUTURE ]

!! DEUCES !!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing The Roll Of A GIRLFRIEND

               Playing The Roll Of A 


               Being a girlfriend is a JOB, yes a JOB! You can work hard to keep your man or you can quit and be lonely. See some people think that all you have to do is get him, but that's the easy part,the hard part is keeping him. Its easy to keep a man you just have to know what he likes, what turns him on the most and off, you have to do things and make sacrifices in order to keep a him happy. Some women don't like to change for a man or themselves because their stuck in their own ways and most of the times very stubborn, most woman have to realize that nothing in life stays the same,life is a constant change and all about chance which is crucial on building a good relationship. Also this can lead to a good man cheating on u or finding interest in another woman. Don't be the one to let a good man walk away because your too self centered but be the one to realize how good you have it and give your all to keep it.
             Lets get to the GOOD STUFF, to play the roll of a girlfriend to a good man, u MUST make changes in your life style to both better yourself and the relationship. If he's willing to help you to be a better girlfriend, he's doing it not because he knows most things but because of his experiences with other women in the pass; he also wants to teach you how to make his heart smile and love you like no other, don't get me wrong ladies don't dish this kind of love out if he's not given it back, trust me you'll now when its real..give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that you gave your all and played your part. 

                             Behind every strong man there is a strong woman