ShoeDazzle !

ShoeDazzle !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Before I start my hair journey!!
My hair was long but very thin as u can see.

This is the result after my 1st perm using olive oil
relaxer and I loveeeee it b/c my hair feels very soft. I hope to reach my goal in getting my hair longer & thicker. This is a 1 week post since I relax my hair and its not as thin as the 1st pictures which is a good sign! As I continue my hair journey i will do a blog of my hair every 12 weeks, after a perm. I will show the before and after picture results of my perm's, when i rinse my hair black & when I deep conditioner my hair. Woaaah I'm so excited to see results in this hair journey.

Shout outs to all the females, there hair journeys and GOOD LUCK!!

  Deuces !!!


  1. Wow your hair is amazing, looks so healthy. Organics never really did much to help my hair unfortunately, so im glad it worked for you. I recently just went natrual after all my hair broke off -_-. But now i have a fro and im proud of it lol.

    Well,cool useful blog, im following ;)
    Would be glad if you shared the love.

    Tell me what you think..

    Darling Doyin x

  2. hey thanx for the support n will return it =]

    sorry to hear organic didn't work with your hair type. but its all in the process of learning what your hair type is, so u will have to try many products and do researches.
    but I checked your blog out and love your hair

    keep the good work work!!

    dont be a stranga ...toddles !!! =]