ShoeDazzle !

ShoeDazzle !

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before & After Hair Journey

                                   This Picture shows the hair color I got when I
                                           BLEACHED my hair for Prom 2010!!

                                                   Color was an orange/brown

                           These are pictures in 2010 after I bleached the front of my hair!!

. JULY 31th, 2010
This is the result after I bleached my hair, it fell out in the front section on my head and I was furious because I couldn't do anything. I wasn't taking care of the bleached section of my hair and it fell right out as you can see how bad it looked. The tracks of the weaves were showing and I was very embarrassed.

. AUGUST 2010
Woahhhh I was in death need of a perm lol oh my god!!!!!!!. My hair slowly started to grow and I was still embarrassed because I always make that my hair looks good when i'm in public.

.SUMMER 2010
Cant remember the date but it was in the summer of 2010. My hair is looking a little decent, but not perfect enough for me....It made me look like I Had short hair, which was negative.

.NOVEMBER 29th, 2010
My hair is about 2inches long in this photo and I must say I felt happy only because I saw growth. It was the beginning of happiness with my hair growth.

The after pictures of my hair growing back before and during my hair journey!!!

. JUNE 19TH, 2011
I decided that i wanted to try a new hairstyle (18inch) twist-out. I needed a break from doing my hair everyday and to also speed up my own hair growth. Lasted a little over a month because I had so much new growth.

. JULY 7TH, 2011
Now my hair after I took the twist out and my bangs were looking good after I blow dried my hair.

. OCTOBER 5TH, 2011
This picture was taking 1 day after my first Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer experience and also the beginning of my hair journey (Oct. 4th, 2011).  I rocked a pony tail on a rainy day. Notice I have no hair strands sicking out in the front of my hair (great).

. OCOTBER 11TH, 2011
I took this picture to show how thin my hair was and decided I wanted to start taking pictures so that I can look back one day and see my growth process.

. OCTOBER 20TH, 2011
I took a side view picture to show the growth length of my bang which was damaged after bleaching it in 2010.

. OCTOBER 30TH, 2011
Another side view picture with my hair freshly washed and flat ironed.

This picture is to show how the front of my hair looks with a self-made wig. My hair now looked long and healthy as if it was all mine.

. JANUARY 2ND, 2012
I relaxed my hair 4 days earlier for the new year, but my relaxed date was suppose to be Jan. 4th, 2012. This picture was taken 3 days after my relax day with my cell phone b/c my camera broke =(, so that's why my hair doesn't look fully straight.

                               Before                                                                          After 


  1. I love your hair short... looks really young and sophisticated, and bit edgy...
    love your blog, I am your newest follower!
    Greets from Ireland,
    xxx Marina

  2. Replies
    1. thaky you @Kellz korner & @beautiful me plue you =]

  3. I've never colored my hair, in fear that something like that would happen! Glad its back on the right track! :)

    1. thank oyu =] ..yea like they say everything is not for everyone..and coloring my hair wasn't for if u decide to color ur hair, u have to take care of it very well...but dont your hair looks pretty the way it is =]

  4. Great progress girl! Keep up the great work!

    1. thank you ..i sure will...i have to reach my goal and beyond =]

  5. Your hair looks beautiful and I'm happy that you overcame that obstacle by taking caution and demonstrating proper hair care. :)

    Keep up the good work and have a blessed day. :)

    1. im very glad i did too...its hard work and much patients ...thank!! =]

      have a good day too

  6. Girl where have u been?

    I Tagged u in my 11 Question Tag... I hope u wiil be able to answer them soon!!

    I hope all is well with u dear :)

    1. hey i didnt know u tagged me i've been MIA for a bit....forgive =]..ill check them out...

      have a blessed one =]