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ShoeDazzle !

Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing The Roll Of A GIRLFRIEND

               Playing The Roll Of A 


               Being a girlfriend is a JOB, yes a JOB! You can work hard to keep your man or you can quit and be lonely. See some people think that all you have to do is get him, but that's the easy part,the hard part is keeping him. Its easy to keep a man you just have to know what he likes, what turns him on the most and off, you have to do things and make sacrifices in order to keep a him happy. Some women don't like to change for a man or themselves because their stuck in their own ways and most of the times very stubborn, most woman have to realize that nothing in life stays the same,life is a constant change and all about chance which is crucial on building a good relationship. Also this can lead to a good man cheating on u or finding interest in another woman. Don't be the one to let a good man walk away because your too self centered but be the one to realize how good you have it and give your all to keep it.
             Lets get to the GOOD STUFF, to play the roll of a girlfriend to a good man, u MUST make changes in your life style to both better yourself and the relationship. If he's willing to help you to be a better girlfriend, he's doing it not because he knows most things but because of his experiences with other women in the pass; he also wants to teach you how to make his heart smile and love you like no other, don't get me wrong ladies don't dish this kind of love out if he's not given it back, trust me you'll now when its real..give yourself the satisfaction of knowing that you gave your all and played your part. 

                             Behind every strong man there is a strong woman


  1. This topic really spoke to me girl. I want to hear more about your take on relationships, since I am in a new relationship myself <3

  2. thank u girl. I learned all this from my man, he taught me a lot and i just want to share it. and glad to hear ur in a new relationship =]